At Muhlenberg College, I teach a variety of courses in our evolving curriculum, most of them focused on one or more aspects of management.  There are some I teach almost every year:

  • Business 101 Business & Society
  • Business 236 Management
  • Business 311 Arts Administration
  • Business 315 Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Business 383 International Management
  • Business 475 Business Policy and Strategy
  • MOL 620 Interdisciplinary Leadership (graduate course)
  • MOL 640 Strategic Thinking (graduate course)
  • MOL 644 Leading in a Global Environment (graduate course)
  • Independent studies and honors projects.  I mentor students in two-semester research project that results in a significant presentation.

Less often, I teach …

  • Business 352 Small Business Management
  • First Year Seminar 151 “No Song Left Behind,” a new course since 2015.  Students study and write about songs from various musical genres that have endured over the years.
  • In recent years I have taught a course in nonprofit management at Lehigh University that is cross-listed in Sociology and Environmental Policy!.  

Since 2018, I have worked to develop the Master’s in Organizational Leadership curriculum, and the initial Master’s in Medical Leadership curriculum for Muhlenberg.

I’ve helped students at other institutions, teaching a class via Skype to graduate students in arts administration at Seattle University, giving a guest lecture in the New York University graduate program on arts administration, and serving on the doctoral dissertation committee of a student at Arizona State University.